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There are providers of professional trainings in areas of regulatory compliance, human resources, finance, marketing, healthcare and IT, offering many fancy professional training programs on ways by which organizations can deal with people who have mental health and other growth-critical issues. These courses help those in human resources, leadership and management in any organization or community to take meaningful and well informed decisions on dealing with people with personality disorders, or say non-conforming behavior.

Today’s corporate setups (which include even political parties) have evolved into trading places in which all kinds of people work. While democratic diversity at workplaces or communities are highly celebrated themes worldwide; there are different kind of persons many organizations have to face: Ones with other kind of personality disorders: smart corruption, motivated greed or “wealth mania disorder” for example! – Jul 22, 2018

Dealing with such mushrooming people can be challenging
Dealing with people with personality disorders is quite challenge for organizations. The management, HR and employees are often in a quandary about dealing with people who have personality disorders. Such people could be brash, offensive, aggressive, rebellious and impulsive. They could be all of these or some of these as per some others. They could be some of these all the time or all of these sometimes. In other words, their behavior pattern is quite unpredictable, much like even those who’re evaluating them!

Many colleagues have difficulty in getting along with people with personality disorders or opposing ideologies because of unique characteristics. What is the role of an organization or govt in dealing with such people? Can it dismiss such people outright, terming their behavior as undesirable? No. This is because a person with a mental or physical disorder cannot be summarily dismissed from service by legal provisions and universal equal employment opportunities mandate which prohibit dismissal of any employee from service because of such subjective reasoning or diktat. Legislation, social democracies and commissions always recommend accommodation of people with any kind of personality disorder: good, bad or ugly.

What the leadership and management expected to do?
The terms for which management and HR need to handle people with personality disorder at the workplace or even social places are spelt out in the rules laid out by our cumulative goodness ideas, which set out rules for accommodating and dealing with such employees.

These aspects of respective laws that such trainings offer insights on. No management, no matter how much inconvenience it or its employees are facing from employees with personality disorder, can act arbitrarily. They cannot take actions that go against the law. If they do so, they risk facing harsh penalties. Instead, they are expected to abide by the regulations stipulated when it comes to dealing with employees who have a personality disorder.

Trainings that help organizations be accommodating and legally compliant
Such trainings claim to offer knowledge of the ways by which employers and HR can manage people with such disorders. First of all, these conditions are treated as mental impairment. This is a very broad term under which a number of behaviors and habits are included. The law also requires managements to only allot the kind of work that people with personality disorders can handle without stressing themselves out, which is often seen as a trigger for aggressive behaviors sometime even triggering mass killings!

The professional trainings courses offer knowledge of all these and make participants understand the means by which they can take steps to accommodate people with problems, while being compliant with the law, morality and ethics. They give them a clear understanding of how such disorders can be handled by counseling people with the problem, and constantly realigning their own character as a trainer or observer.

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