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Keen to contribute to Indian society and children’s education with care and persistence. We’re calling on everybody to show solicitude for the young, who are the real future. Books are a treasure trove of knowledge, are a wonderful gift to mankind. Books play a vital role in the life of a student. They act as a gateway for them to learn and be at par with the ever changing world. However, many a time students from under-served sections of the society don’t have access to the finest reading material. With your help and enthusiasm, we can attempt to change that. We seek to distribute educational books free of cost to educational institutions in India.

Such projects will aim at educating young India by cultivating reading habits among children and providing access to quality reading material. The books will be collected, they will be sorted, after which a donation and distribution event will be held where we will be inviting schools and colleges to come and take these books. Partners can comment and spread the word.

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