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The mobile messaging app – WhatsApp, has attracted many users and dominated the other messaging applications such as, WeChat, Line, Viber,Voxer, Snapchat and much more. WhatsApp was founded in April 2009 by Jan Kaum. At the earlier stages of the app, it was available only in the Apple App store, and then it was available to the android users also. This messaging app became the alternative to SMS and MMS, these two services charged some amount for each message. From its earlier stage, WhatsApp services are offered for the free of cost, which is one of the reasons, why people shifted to WhatsApp from the other messaging services like SMS and MMS.

Main motto of Jan Kaum is to do the thing at its best. In October 2009 Brian Acton, who was the friend of Jan, joined Jan, and became the one of the shareholders of WhatsApp and he was the co-founder of WhatsApp too. By October 2011, it was the no.1 paid app in the Apple App store, about 10 million downloads hit on android. The company was acquired by Facebook on February 2014 for $19B. The App has about half billion users and nearly 1 million people join WhatsApp every day. If you look at the growth of Whatsapp for the past five years, since its release, you can see a tremendous growth in all the ways. And it promised to achieve the milestone of one billion users by 2015, it achieved this milestone in the same period, where Facebook achieved, but WhatsApp is two years younger than Facebook. And one of the reasons for the WhatsApp to be successful is, it is Ad-free. The founders of WhatsApp, Jan and Acton, were very specific about this ad free concept.

WhatsApp has many exciting features, such as voice calls, special emojis, sending and receiving images, videos, contacts and documents to the latest. Now the much awaited video calling, is about to arrive in our WhatsApp soon. This video calling feature of WhatsApp will definitely be the competition for the Microsoft’s Skype and for the many other video calling applications. A German blog site Macer Kopf leaked the screenshots of the video calling features in WhatsApp; the leaked screenshots shows the WhatsApp in the IOS device, it does not mean that the video calling feature will be available only in the iOS; it will be available in the android also. Macer Kopf also said that, this video calling feature will enable the users to switch between the primary and secondary cameras, with the help of the new tabs feature. The WhatsApp Company officials did not announce about this video calling feature, but it will announce soon.

The development of this video calling feature has got over, and it is sent for the testing phase. As per the information received, it is sent for the beta testing. If the developers are satisfied with the results, you can see this feature in the next updated of WhatsApp. This feature is expected to arrive in android first. But this may vary, and this is just an assumption by scientists. In addition to the video calling feature, WhatsApp is going to work on the multiple tabs feature. This multiple tab feature is nothing but, having the chat tabs next to one another, so that you may not go to the chat tab and open only one chat at a time. You may shift between the tabs, if this multiple tabs come into play, this feature will also hit the screens soon.

Till the video calling comes into play, you may record the video and sent it to your contacts. This video calling will be an added advantage to the voice call feature, which already exists in the WhatsApp. Developers have found that, the update is infected with the virus in the Apple App store. WhatsApp in the Apple App store has infected with the XcodeGhost virus. This virus infects nearly 50 apps in the Apple App store. The apps which are infected by the XcodeGhost virus are, WeChat, WinZip, NetEase cloud Music, Railway12306, Didi Chuxing, Tonghuashun and China Unicom Mobile Office. The apps which are infected by the XcodeGhost virus have copied the information and have uploaded the data to the command and control servers, these servers are run by the hackers through the Hyper Text Transfer protocol (HTTP) protocol. Apple responded to the Reuters as, they have removed all the apps that were developed through the counterfeit software, and developers are working to find the source of this virus, they are working to find the solution for this XcodeGhost virus and to find the proper version of this virus, to repair the harm on the apps that were caused by the XcodeGhost virus. The Apple is trying to rebuild these apps.

The Apple created an answer page for this issue, in which they said, they took the apps as soon as they found the apps were affected by the virus, the developers are quickly developing the apps for the users and the company said they can be compensated for the app, if they have downloaded. As soon as the developer updates the app, it will be updated on the device, once the user clicks the update button; it will automatically update in the device. These issues will be rectified soon, and the app will remain protected from the hackers.

The German site has said that, this is the period of acceleration and growth for the WhatsApp. It remains the same since it started, and it will continue to remain the same in the upcoming years also. The sixth year is just amazing for the WhatsApp; Facebook the leading company in the social media environment has taken over the WhatsApp for $19 billion. And it has kept WhatsApp and Facebook different and allows the users to use both the social media applications in the way they are. Both are different, it allows the users to have a different opinion on both the apps. Both have about 2 billion users across the globe, and it is difficult for others to challenge such a dominant combination.

WhatsApp video calling is in its beta testing phase for the android with the v2.16.80 version. If you want to download it now, you can first download the beta Apk. Next install the Apk on your device, just click on the Apk file which you have downloaded, then automatically it will be installed on your device. If your device did not allow you to install this Apk, and then change your settings as, go to settings, then select security and then select enable unknown sources. And then open your whatsApp, select any contact, and try to make a call for them, now you can see two options namely, video call and audio call. Click on the video call, and then the screen appears with a message that, you cannot make a video call now. This message appears because, since the video calling feature of WhatsApp is not available, and it is in the testing phase in the life cycle of development of a software or the application.
The release is not yet announced. And it will hit the devices soon…

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