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What is brain development? At the time of birth newborn has all required cells for lifetime but not fully functioning and Complex thinking. By age 3, the brain gets more connections as they need as adults. In middle childhood years they remains constant and then begins to decline in late childhood and through teen age years.

How parents will take care?
• Parents have time, right from birth till 3years, to influence on helping to nurture child’s brain development.
• Try to give positive environment which actually nourishes brain connection and avoid prolonged stress which creates negative pattern of thinking and feelings.
• Loving, encouraging, responsive care lead to learning.
• Parents can use advance language skill by reading to or talking to babies. Though it is not scientific method to make the kid smarter.
• Sharing amiable relation and secured attachment with kids, will help them make better social adjustments and will also do nice in schools.

What is child care about?
• There will not be interfere in development of parent-infant attachment by placing them into childcare.
• For better development loving care, sensitive and stimulating experience is required.
• The most essential elements for child care are communication between parents and care provider, child’s safety, warm & attentive relation between care provider and child.
• Parents should be part of their child’s activity for better development.

What parents miss?
• If not learning at proper age, it affects cognitive and behavioral developments of young ones.

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