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The experts suggest that the origin of word “spa” is said to be done from a town in Belgian named Spa, where in 14th century a sanative natural spring was discovered and the meaning of word spa itself denotes to “fountain”. In other words an area where medicinal baths are provided with mineral rich water is called spa. Spa Locations offer enormous health treatments and as well commonly known as balneotherapy.

Spa Services can be segregated into different individual services e.g. body massage, pedicure, facial, manicure and other body treatments that offers complete revitalization of the body under expert administration. All these services are personally designed to efficiently deliver wellness, fitness, pleasure, peace and health to the users.

Get detailed information about the latest market trends and sizes of the spa industry and insight to the global opportunities of this industry and segregates the world spa services market on its type and geography basis.

The spa service market at global level has witnessed consistent innovation in past few years, since the acceptance of such services came into trend by users. Many factors are responsible for the growth of this market including: hectic lifestyle of people, innovation in spa services, inclination of teenagers towards comforting services, and preference of natural therapies.In spite many factors driving this industry, the growth of it hindered by the low penetration this field in undeveloped or underdeveloped nation and extremely high cost of the skilled spa therapy professionals.

Many different types of spa treatments have been witnessed in the revolution of this industry, including:

Mud bath
Steam bath
Hair spa
Body wrap or mud wrap

The International Spa and Body Wrap Association (ISBWA) play a vital role in keeping up the standards of the spa service market. Many Codes of conduct have been designed by this association in order to keep up the ethics of this industry.

Use of Effective, safe and sanitary products and treatments.
Respect of clients privacy and dignity.
Showcasing high levels of professionalism with honesty and ethical way.
Committed to improve the services and treatments.
Adhering to the rules and regulations that govern the provision of services.

With the increasing innovation in this industry, many latest trends have emerged to provide the best and efficient treatments possible. The treatments can be personalised according to the individual’s mood and requirement and deliver the best of the comforts. The latest trends observed recently are:

Health and Wellness Treatments: Yoga, naturopathy, acupuncture, massage etc. are many procedures that help users solve basic to bigger problems and prevent them from consulting the doctor.
Niche Spas: Cost effective and convenient spa treatments provides by new franchises providing pleasing services to clients from head to toe.
Personalised Services: Customized products including oils and favourite scents continue to become the latest demand of customers.
Men Treatments: Men oriented therapies for stress and pain relief like sports massage opening men more towards spa services.
Customized Packages: Spa treatments have now become a regular activity in the healthy way of living to release body toxins and generate freshness in the body. Customers are now interested in follow-up services in a package form which they can take over on regular basis.

Not just one or two, various types of spa are now available in the market differentiating from location to number of people, generating options from client to service provider. The types of Spa available include: Ayurveda spa, Club spa, Day spa, Dental spa, Medical spa, Resort spa, Mineral spring spa, Mobile spa

World spa service major market players include: Four Seasons Hotel Limited, Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Emirates Palace, Jade Mountain, Trailhead Spa, LanserhofTegernsee, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Clarins Group, Gaia Retreat & Spa.

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