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Innovators lead the packaged water market of Japan: Suntory Minami Alps Tennensui & Yogurina sets an example. To maintain and further boost sales, market players need to innovate, as growth expected to slow down in packaged drinking water category. A report studies in detail the key factors and the reasons behind Suntory Miami’s massive success and what is it that makes Yogurina so much loved by the consumers. It highlights the strategy and the steps taken by this much loved brand-owner which marks the success of this brand. It also focuses on consumer trends which help in innovation to grab the needed consumer attention. (Nov 2, 2016)

After a setback in volume in 2012, packaged water industry in Japan witnessed a felicitous CAGR of 6% during the period 2010-2020. Now, when a slight downward movement is expected in the growth rate graph, it is important for the brand-owners to invest in innovation and understand the modern day inconsumers who have been concerned about price, safety and taste when purchasing packaged water. Among these, price has been the most concerned about factor in the past few years and thus fosters competitiveness in this market.

The consumers these days not only use water as a necessity for living, but the uses has been broadened to include relaxation, attaining pleasure and just to savor the taste buds. This is the reason why flavored water and sparkling water have recently gained so much success in the past few years. There is a dire need for innovation if one wants the volume and value proportion to rise in this sector.

The report provides key analysis as to what made Japanese consumers respond to sensory surpriseYogurina has brought, and why Yogurina has a positive, healthy product image. It explains that surprising flavors offer key opportunities to flourish business sectors. It covers the reason why enhancement of category is important to create inclination towards brand. It also gives example of cases in which failed innovation has resulted in bad reputation and downfall in revenues which can be a great help to not repeat the same mistake.

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