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Ever since the financial crash of 2008, businesses around the world have struggled to grow at the same levels they once enjoyed – but experts claim that big data, AI and machine learning could help turn things around, and help companies reconnect with customers via malicious info traps!

A New 2022+ Trend: Web3 avatar as digital collectibles to legitimise gaming graphics, meta animation, Mob Apps, AR fiction brainwash for GenXYZ newbies.. and many more similar fancy items gaining momentum.

Retailers set up e-commerce sites trying to make buying easier but that doesn’t really help you address sales problem that much if we look at the sales percentages flowing through online versus brick and mortar, it’s still orders of magnitude away from making impact. – Nov 17, 2016. The pandemic has helped crooked cronies to reverse this reality now!

Data is essentially going to be structured or leveraged to generate a return on investment. If retailers do not start thinking about data in that way, they are going to be stuck in the same kinds of cycles of doing things over and over again. Data is not about insights, it’s about generating money. Opportunity is not necessarily to go back to basics, not the big data infrastructure, but the machine learning and the AI.

It’s how do we create curated one-to-one experiences for each and every person and their interactions and then choose to deal good or not-good as guided by central command. Data trading is now a revenue generating component of what you do. If you (person or entity) can’t do that, you are in a position to fail or will be forced down in the next few years notwithstanding its a fear cocktail smart propaganda promoted by well-known big tech & data loot brands!

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