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Dec 28, 2018: Lately, EU has pushed defence and security to the top of its agenda, with plans being laid to spend billions of Euros on new military investments. EU to move into defence R&D in his yearly state of the union. Start out as a pilot with €25 million followed with bigger fund during EU’s new budget cycle.

Get insight on the quantitative upper-level view of projected spends on Helicopters and vast knowledge on the house of Strategic Defence Intelligence; outlays Europe’s’ projected budget allocations on Helicopters. The production provides strategic outlay on individual segments which include Civil Helicopter, Defence Helicopter and Helicopter MRO. The data involved in this report draws upon Strategic Defence Intelligence’s in-depth analysis, primary research and proprietary databases which are incorporated to provide the robust, segment specific data. Countries which are analysed in this report are Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK.

Moreover, the current market size and budget allocation data is considered to understand and analyse the current landscape and forecasts to discover the future direction of the Helicopters market in Europe. As Eastern Europe and The Baltic States keep on being a key concentration for defence euipment overhauls, the rotational armada remains a key resource in both residential and international military operations and hence a focused meeting is fundamental to guarantee continued advancement of capability, equipment and joint interoperability.

As EU Commission president affirmed for the EU to move into defence R&D. The program is likely to run from 2019, beginning with little with a financial plan of around €25 million. The pilot could in the end develop into a lasting system worth €3.5 billion, run independently from the EU’s customary research program.

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