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Dec 14, 2016: Even our small number of customers are deliberately spammed by the gang. Many others comes to know instantly when our customer buys or renews a domain name or other products from IndiaHosting.org – we do not have aggressive mass mailing promotions! The shrewd marketers and big daddies are possibly getting hold of domain owner info using various unscrupulous means, while our cost of acquiring and retaining a customer is more than profits generated from reselling, it is matter of great concern for small businesses in India with open nexus of authorities and big cronies driven brands.

Live example of how supporters for a corruption free ideas are increasingly coming under privately hired intelligence surveillance, who’re just indirectly wasting public resources instead of focusing the sponsoring cronies. A call on 14/5/2015 at around 5PM to phone support staff wanting to teach us some DMCA law. When we called back that phone number to clarify, it sounded pure hoax with a dumb response – unknown number. We did asked that fellow to write a complaint letter with its own profile, but we know such people prefer mafia-style and do not like common man’s simplistic approach. The more complex, the more bucks to make!

Learning their rules for free, maybe? Anyone know if this DCMA Act is applicable to web service providers based in India? Do you need some special documents or declarations to nail these high-fee lawyer cum hunters? Do you need any policy document separate from what we publish at our TOS page http://www.osspl.com/legal since last 10 years? The strange southy sounding caller was asking for DMCA possibly for some domain name without specifics, maybe some curious james bond or maybe a competitor trying to create hassles for us. We are not managed by some cronies who can tolerate such illegal callers hiding in anonymity – same as competitor harassment / spying. If you do not call others for such hunts, why respect such incoming! We just wanted to share and also let others possible victims know, comment, or even join forces to counter.

It can be cozy secret for such “supari callers”, but we prefer exposing and making any threats public, whatever the consequence by grace of god. Any idea about 0738624268 – is this a hoax caller from Hyderabad, India? Should you register a formal complaint with appropriate authority in New Delhi or just ignore? We know Google Empire follow some DCMA stuff applicable to more than 90% of desi IT providers here who blindly fancy US laws. Unfortunately, our network portals publish not-so-positive items about such big deals – are these online bouncer bullies or coincidence? We do republish news items from many news portals and blogs via RSS or XML feeds as provided by them. When not for bucks why do you need permission to share news by paying more bucks to legal cronies? Loot and let us loot, or should you manipulate it in the normal paid-media way and say we are giving you “breaking news” with an edge? Those anxious cronies know this very well, hence the restlessness to drone-out. Comment below, if anyone aware of such fishy developments elsewhere.

Supporters of #corruption free society under capital #mafia surveillance?

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