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• The future of the Indian seed industry is expected to be favorable on account of impelling demand due to anticipated increase in subsidies and renewed government thrust on the use of high yielding varieties, thereby leading to an increased productivity in the seed market.

• Pelleting sector, in particular will be growing at a double digit CAGR over the period FY’2016-FY’2021

• Major players such as Incotec, Centor India, Little’s Oriental, Mahendra Overseas and others will expand the operations and new players will enter in the market.

Dec 21, 2016: The report focuses on overall market size for sale of seed coating materials. These include revenue from sale of seed coating polymers, seed colorants, pelting, dyes and other seed coating materials. Overall market was also estimated based on volume sales. Market is segmented based on type of seed coating materials and type of crop. Segmentation is also done on the basis of cropping seasons. The report also covers the competitive landscape of major players in India seed coating market and import scenario. The report concludes with market projection for future and analyst recommendation highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Seed Coating industry of India is largely domestically driven with majority demand of major seed manufacturers for seed coating polymers being met by domestic companies. Major seed manufacturers in the Industry such as Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont Pioneer and Syngenta demand significant quantities of seed coating materials from domestic players. These domestic players include Incotec, Little Polykote Centor India and others. Majority of materials in the market is supplied by these three players. Apart from these, Mahendra Overseas and Sampatti Industries are also emerging in the industry. As of FY’2016, the domestic market for seed coating materials is a niche market; however it is growing at a good pace due to India’s enhancing seed manufacturing industry.

Incotec and Centor India are importing raw materials from Netherlands, USA and Germany and manufacturing the final product in India. However, domestic suppliers of raw materials are growing which has impacted the import scenario in FY’2016. Cotton seeds generate the largest demand for seed coating materials in the country. In cotton seed, yield and germination capabilities deterioration takes place rapidly under ambient storage conditions. Film coating techniques have paved the way for controlling the seed decay during storage. Use of newer molecules protects the fungicides, insecticides and nutrients in the seeds. Therefore, large number of seed manufacturers in the industry prefers to coat seeds with polymers and other materials. Majority of cotton seeds are coated golden color in India.

According to Research Analyst, “the companies should register the company on online b2b directories mainly IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Global Sources and Alibaba to advertise and to market the products. Moreover, a new entrant should become a member of NSAI as it provides a seed coating materials manufacturers with the opportunities to interact with key persons throughout the Indian seed industry and helps them to reach out to number of clients by advertising on their publications.”

Key Topics Covered in the Report

1. Regional Perspective of Global Seed Industry
2. Market Size of India Commercial Seed Industry by Revenue and by Production Volume
3. List of Major players in India Seed Industry with their Market share and Parameters they Consider before Selecting a Seed Coating Polymer Supplier
4. India Seed Coating Market size by Revenue
5. India Seed Coating Market Future Outlook and Projections
6. Import Scenario in India Seed Coating Market
7. India Seed Coating Market Segmentation by Type of Materials
8. India Seed Coating Market Segmentation by Crop
9. India Seed Coating Market Segmentation by Season
10. India Seed Coating Market Segmentation by States
11. Market Share of Major Players in India Seed Coating Market with their Strengths and Weaknesses
12. Company Profiles Major Players in India Seed Coating Market with Focus on USP, Production Capacity, Revenue Split by Products and Others
13. Seed Coating Process- How Seed Coating Polymer is Manufactured and Applied on Seeds
14. Buying Decision Parameters in India Seed Coating Market
15. Requirements and Project Cost for Setting Up a Seed Coating Facility
16. Trends and Developments in India Seed Coating Market
17. Analyst Recommendation for a New entrant in India Seed Coating Market (Marketing Strategies, Type of Raw Materials to Use and others)

Key Products in the Report

Polymers, Pelleting, Colorants, Dyes

Key Market Players in the Report

Incotec, Little’s Oriental Balm and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Centor India, Mahendra Overseas, Sampatti Industries

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