Author: Priti Shetti

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Ideal UPS & backup equipment for a cloud data center environment

The equipment performs equally for all types of infrastructures, whether it is a public cloud facility or a private resource for running personal business operations. For example, a high-power UPS system is qualified to start from 100 kVA and scale eventually to 3 MVA.

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Benefits of IoT Edge computing beyond Cloud

BI Intelligence report states that the manufacturing, utility, energy, and transportation industries are expected to adopt edge computing first, followed by smart cities, agriculture, healthcare and retail.

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Announcing launch of New Data Centers!

Leading web hosting and data center solution providers are launching state-of-the-art Cloud Ready Data Centers. Strategically located, such world-class tier IV facilities with other successfully running strategic centers in India and the US. At a press conference held in the City for this event, companies are announcing its associations. We are calling this facility the […]

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BYOD: Is it the New-Gen Big Hit?

Served several 500 companies with successful projects in the areas of Web Hosting, Data Center Services, Dedicated Servers, Colocation servers, Disaster Recovery Services, VPS Hosting Services, and Cloud Hosting.

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Data Center Disaster Recovery – Power is very crucial factor!

At the point when a data center experiences calamities that outcome in a power blackout, it influences something other than the server farm. It can possibly affect the whole operation with extreme results on benefit conveyance and general productivity. The main drivers of downtime in data centers are insufficient to power administration and human blunder, […]

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