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Why Should you join Open Social Portals / Small Media Apps, ignoring big brands & official populists?

Free speech in the usual sense is really not tolerated, and you have to identify with a bubble first before you can speak and you must accept the tone of the bubble and any real agenda before you can speak safely.

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All future patients pushed towards an acceptable & healthy medical profiteering industry

Who is opposing good medical science, but trusting capitalists is suicide! In extreme cases, remember a Goldman Sachs analyst told investors to AVOID investing in cures for diseases because there’s much more profit in treating symptoms while the people remain sick and blindly faithful towards big medicine + pharma syndicate.

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From Spy Scripts to Hype Apps: Technology is advancing backwards!

Few years back, some sellers and celebrities used to ask us can’t we appear on everyone’s computer forcibly (by hook or crook), the dreadful dream is coming to reality thanks to those cronies who’re daringly marching to colonize public network backbones with its private app innovation dopes, while capitalist advertisers have reasons to re-cheer and en-cash, killing our cognitive power and social democracy. Kiss your Smartphone!

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Telecom Growth Driven by Enslaved Users

• Mobile data revenue gamble grows as more privacy buyout investments keep pouring in hyper markets based on so-called 69G AI technology mirage: mere-profiteering tech ROI with motivated digital & mainstream media repeaters pushing narratives NOT truth. • The increase in mobile data revenue is further expected to drive expansion of telecommunications market. Hired forecasters […]

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Agenda of the Empire – get rid of non-voters via NRC + Linking Aadhaar, Voter ID, PAN & Genome!

Linking right to life with NRC, Aadhaar with Voter PAN, Mobile Apps with Genome, Health with Vaccine, GST with Bank, Wealth with Looters, Contracts with Cronies, Jobs with Bhakts, Posts with Party-Wala, Security with Monkey Spy, Goons with Elections, Voting Jugaad with Ration, Development with Corruption, etc.. Today, citizenship is a great privilege. And Indian […]

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