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Microsensors & Motherboards Industry

Micro sensors are devices that detect events, or changes in quantities, and deliver a corresponding output, typically in the form of an optical or electrical signal. These sensors are generally used to improve the functionality of the devices in which they are implemented.

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Car Exchange Portals and Buy Back Schemes

Coverage on quality check list, average ownership period, discount bonus on car exchange and assured buy back offers for car exchange in India.

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Rise of Telecom Oligarchies via Smart Corruption

This is simply to monopolize social media and force enslaved use of messaging apps, to further feed data mining operations of whatapp, meta book, FAANG & its allied brands. Exclusive smart selling SMS to big unicorns, started from Clickatell and many small operators.

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Advent of Indoor Theme Parks Coupled with Multi-Park Entry Tickets & Packages

Country theme parks have also been observed to leverage the growing technology to effectively cater to diverse group of customers. Theme park operators have introduced their mobile application to aid ticket sales through dynamic pricing and to ease long queues at various rides through online reservations.

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Growth in Construction Sector and increasing SMB’s are Driving demand for Gensets

The genset market of the country has been significantly aided by such growth in the number of SMB’s over the past five years. It is expected that this market will further increase in the future and will have a positive impact on the genset market as SMB’s generates high demand for gensets for power back up.

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