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Key accounts are not only you’re most valued clientele, but are also the accounts most likely targeted by your competition. Therefore, it is of significant importance to continuously advance one’s skills in developing and managing key accounts, to ensure you can retain your most important clients and simultaneously maintain your organization’s long term viability. This programme will give these account managers the opportunity to practice, refine and build their skills and learn to effectively implement KAM principles in target accounts.

Course Objectives

. Consider the constantly changing role of the Key Account Manager
. Examine proven practices in the development of sales, which relies on creating effective business partnerships
. Gather ability to use techniques for achieving account goals and objectives
. Understand the strategic processes and operational objectives which lead to increased account penetration and maximum profit opportunities
. Develop a broader understanding of ‘customer behaviors’ and their impact on buying decisions
. Know how to handle an account meeting and the negotiations within it

Who Should Attend

Meant for experienced sales professionals who manage key accounts and strategic business relationships

Pre requisite

It is important that participants have already attended professional sales training, as this program is focused on developing higher level client
relationships, and identifying key strategies to help enhance their current sales techniques

What You Will Gain

. Retention of key clients
. Increased sales
. Improved margins
. High levels of customer loyalty


Key Account Management (KAM) defined

. Definition of key account management
. Criteria for qualifying Key Accounts (KA)
. Objectives of KAM
. Managing customer profitability and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
. Definition and goals of CRM
. The value of loyalty
. Acquisition costs and lifetime value (LTV)

Key account relational development model

. Business partnership defined
. The KA relational development model
. Pre and Early relationship stage
. Mid-relationship stage
. Partnership relationship stage
. Synergetic relationship stage
. Reasons for divesting partnerships

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