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Why .EU domains? .eu is the country code top-level domain for the European Union. Launched on 7 December 2005, the domain is available for any person, company or organization based in the European Economic Area

* .EU is the only extension that applies the ‘Made in Europe’ concept online
* Over 28 countries represented with a single .EU domain name
* Help your customers give their businesses a Pan-European identity
* 80% average renewal rate of the past 10 years

Offer is valid on new registration of domains on 1st year.

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  1. WordPress Error while using the Lost Password option at the Login Page.

    The error occurs because WordPress attempts to send an email containing the password reset link via the address: wordpress@yourdomain.com while using the PHP Mail () function.

    To prevent such an error, you will need to whitelist the email address “wordpress@yourdomain.com” in CPanel. You can process the same from CPanel >> Emails >> Whitelist

  2. Browse our step-by-step guide for domain transfers to ensure a quick and easy transfer. The Domain Transfer Auth Code needs to be obtained from the current Registrar of the domain name that you wish to transfer.

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