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With 1Gig WAN port and 8 LAN ports, along with link aggregation, bring multi-gigabit speeds within Prime’s purview. The 2 USB 3.1 ports ensure you’ll have sufficient room for connecting USB dongles, hard drives, and printers to the network. Best chipset with a quad-core processor clocking 2GHz makes it a powerful wireless router to handle multiple devices. Features backed by a strong hardware unit and excellent wired connectivity are an excellent fit for large homes with content creators and streamers. Further supplemented by a 1GB RAM and 256MB storage that delivers exceptional gaming performance with high-graphics games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry-5, etc.

The matte-black chassis gives a premium feel to the intelligent heat-regulating design. If you are searching for the best router for fiber internet, it is the Prime. Ideal for gaming and entertainment. You’ll enjoy the advantage of wired connectivity, easy mesh compatibility, and adaptive QoS. Despite the lack of a multi-gigabit WAN port, the improved storage and coverage put it above all counterparts.

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