Business of Medical Diagnostic Centers – Pathological Labs

Immunity system is a back bone of every body system as it helps protecting our body from diseases, harmful microbes, wear and tear and toxic materials. It detects large variety of disease causing pathogens such as viruses and worms and distinguishes them from our healthy body tissues. It is comprised of a huge network of hormones, blood cells and glands along with brain signals that work together in coordination to perform these vital tasks. This system can slow down due some reasons and for that we must take diagnostic tests.

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  1. Remember the NEET Exams before rushing for a test: The Future Patients developing towards an acceptable and healthy Medical Profiteering Industry. Seems like lousy nations of South Asia are waiting for such bloody wars or revolts to fix its rotten healthcare systems starting from medical education itself. Simple things are really hard to implement, just pull-down greed of healthcare companies & cost of training doctors!

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