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For flying clever crows♞ wearing white pajamas who will be tempted to tag this as work of some anti-establishment or anti-development or even anti-national fool, Mr. Gandhi once said “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless corruption infected, whether the mad destruction of lives, ideas and values are wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the ॐ name of religion, nationalism, liberty or democracy?” Real development best practices were daringly inbuilt over many decades, with powerful karya-karta bhakt dream slogans like “Kauvaa ne dala kankar, pani aaya upar. Kauvaa ne piyaa paani, paysi rahe sabki naani” – Jai Jugaad – Jio Jugaadu – laughter is the best medicine of worshiping chor capitalist goons wearing imported masks of nationalism (anti) and doing Ramlilla at the same time!

Read Chanakya’s President again and again.. its not about choice of brands, a cold war of ideologies is on, and all is fair in wars. A question: will 1857 repeat and real reform tasks pushed to the generation next? Nobody thinks that “full pani matka” was sucked by cleverer bhakts already, new zombie crows must adapt now and survive digitally until its pat dry with just nature’s non-digestible elements, viral excreta and unusable junk – and keep dreaming that some Party A, B or C will rescue!

The blue, black and white collar cronies have coveted masters in selling incremental development color with ballooning / comical fanfare, pushing masses and real social reformers♘ to the edge using Saam Daam Dand Bhed (साम-दाम-दंड-भेद). Sucked Wealth: Having It All and Wanting More for Gen Next. This is the primary reason why global wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small wealthy elite♞, India have a fair share on Forbes and similar hot pots. What is difference between rapists & corrupt jugaadu cronies – a loot one way or fun way? Har Fikkr Ko Jugaad Main Udata Chala Gaya.. mind reading made easy by “System D Jugaad”.

Most festive melas and event party dandias are done by super rich jugaadu via their clones, chelas or glorified little jugaadu canvassing for better prospects with blessings from other rich bosses, media, political / business decision makers. Thanks to Jugaad we are all benefiting, from postman to minister. Give and take, even the sacred religious practices like Deewali and Navratri are just being turned into stages to inaugurate bribing, fcuk climate, annual setting, bollywood brand reselling, advertising bhakti and promote corruption.

Jugaadu masters are always encouraged to indirectly bent rules, twist vedic wisdom, bribe babus, rape laws – we can’t imagine how difficult our lives can be without a bhakt close to power center. From helping us when we are stuck with a Govt contract to bailing us out of the most embarrassing situations, they are becoming biggest rescue… so chalta hai yaar!

Old habits rarely change, some are even there to lose and make sweet way for professional cronies crept into all four pillars, why a surprise? Make perfect timings, take some, give some, and keep the δemocracy cycle well-oiled. Grand jugaad events are also a good way to teach young buddies that way to happiness and satisfaction is through the consumption of as many pumped and branded objects in this ever growing mindless marketplace.

Tags, status updates, ammunition reloads, muscle flexing, tweets, statements, press round tables, emblems / brands and all other much needed one-way shoots are always in full swing, another round of hallucination has began.. what come from soul is “Comedy Nights with Jugaadu” – “ॐ Babaji ka Jugaad”. What comes from mouth is “Jai Mata di”, “जय श्री राम” and other spiritual slogans for a religious advertising showcase while terrorizing real Hindu native thinkers opposing abuse of our great religion and civilization values systems for petty votes or notes!

23 thoughts on “Isn’t modern democracy about electing “jugaadu crow masters”? Fun of “Comedy Nights with Jugaad”

  1. #आरक्षण_मौलिक_अधिकार_है ONLY if graciously chanted by those out of #आरक्षण jugaad OR wait for worst systems sucking our future kids with vypam doctors + bhakt teachers + crooked capitalists + reserved ministers.

  2. Capitalistic employers are stealing billions from workers’ pay each year to feed its own “financial mafia breed”.. Capitalists can buy themselves out of any crisis, so long as they make the workers pay.

  3. With advent of so-called “mobile modernity” and “chit-chat progress”, now controlling the nature (by damming, mining, etc.) seem to have overpowered other socially and culturally significant aspects. Rivers no more remain just the source of livelihood or navigation or various other services that they provide but they are now utilized for electricity, irrigation, water supply, flood control and are dammed, diverted over long distances. The river beds are source of sand and gravel, as also dumping ground and source of land to be reclaimed for construction. The notion of control and maximization of extraction has become dominant and who gets what remains central to the idea of politics in general and applies to politics of rivers and water as well.

  4. Wise to not watch so many social media videos, forwards & posts, make time table 1 per day. Also there are 100+ TV channels, watch max 2 channels per day, rotate them on daily basis. So, see same channel after 1 month – TV, Media and Internet are Idiot boxes. Don’t let them emotionally blackmail you. But if you’re doing this to build-up daily sops and new stories for Bollywood etc.. then do ping-pong in whatever way possible 👍

  5. Whatever is current Yug or Time or Trend – प्रत्यक्षं किम् प्रमाणम् | Reality needs no proof or justice or fear.

  6. Best clinical trial pigs for virus vaccines are धंधे वाली capitalists blessed with paid mock sabha seats grabbed by jugaad.

  7. Dharavi Population: 3 lakhs per sq km, almost encountered Corona viruses!
    Whole Mumbai: 23000 per sq km, Delhi 30000 per sq km. Can’t even control few goons.

  8. Capital bhakts: People who think they are born to just get richer everyday, somehow.
    Social bhakts: People who DO NOT want to hoard wealth more than they deserve, anyway.

    This is “root cause” of fights since thousands of years of human history. Understand or keep hating each other.

  9. Why not talk Islam?

    A. Don’t know them, don’t need to either.
    B. My religion is not owned by those who hates them.
    C. Vedic Karma is pure, liberal and secular.
    D. Good Night.

  10. By virtue of investing in hot and popular political brands as majority shareholders, the elite capitalists are already enjoying their sweetly entitled socialism bonuses, only we the rest of 99% general masses are tactically pushed to capital markets so there is some visible justice imperative.. https://twitter.com/jacobinmag/status/1285892347105021953

  11. We live in a data trading world, social groups (like Whatsapp etc..) are NOT private as you may all think. The smart political deep state is 100% aware of all our opinions via misuse of technologies, even if you never posted a word “politics” in your lifetime. Either willingly get hypnotized to their divide & rule strategies or use your personal brains. Regrets in future will be useless.

  12. Zombies threatened to ignore Philosophies of Bhaktology & Slavery cementing a crony-centered new education profiteering system of smart policies? Whatever PROs say or do, schools are for selfless transfer of knowledge upholding value systems, NOT capital hoarding machines, the desperate ones may start as many cool Amazons for that. Either you’re with future kids or dying for extra bucks / fame at their expense!

  13. “Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education“, and “what does education do? It makes a straight-cut drain into the free soul.” Self-teaching is a much different experience to institutional-teaching. It can be an invigorating, absorbing, inspiring, enlightening and captivating experience, and one that often requires very little, if no, money. Sadly, the reverse is success story for many of today’s educated.

    In fact, many of the most passionate and talented writers, artists, film directors, philosophers and musicians were vehemently against traditional forms of education. Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein and Margaret Mead were all highly talented self-learners who spoke up against the innumerable limitations of formal education.

  14. How capitalists gang-up with governments while mocking terror advisory, ponzi financials and war games. Investigation shows that:

    Standard Chartered moved money on behalf of Al Zarooni Exchange, a Dubai-based business that was later accused of laundering cash on behalf of the Taliban. During the years that Al Zarooni was a Standard Chartered customer, Taliban militants staged violent attacks that killed civilians and soldiers.

    HSBC’s Hong Kong branch allowed WCM777, a Ponzi scheme, to move more than $15 million even as the business was being barred from operating in three states. Authorities say the scam stole at least $80 million from investors, mainly Latino and Asian immigrants, and the company’s owner used the looted funds to buy two golf courses, a 7,000-square-foot mansion, a 39.8-carat diamond, and mining rights in Sierra Leone.

    Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Deutsche Bank and others collectively processed millions of dollars in transactions for the family of Viktor Khrapunov – a red capitalist who fled to Switzerland claiming allegations are politically motivated.. many such middle-ware jerks are happily living everywhere without border.

    The banks mentioned in this story said they could not comment on specific transactions due to bank secrecy laws. Desi Banks here WILL not comment, forget about issuing some statements or regret.

    Like their well-fed counterparts in every other field, the top-notch jugadu proudly feel its their birth-right (as Govt pampered agents or corporate messiahs) to loot as much possible from others to show some healthy balance sheets to its self-serving clan.

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