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The Charming Looters Cult: Network of billionaires, media magnates, deep state’s propagandists, mafia fascists and would-be tyrants have made a major miscalculation; one that ultimately forgets why they wanted to create propaganda machines out of media channels, news websites and social media platforms in the first place. Namely, they are assuming that you simply don’t have any choice but to participate in so-called AI information economy they define, on platforms they control.

Message for Capital Extremists: The only fight that is going to solve anything from here forward is the fight to divest ourselves entirely from trillion dollars capitalism. Nothing else will be healed until we stop destroying our ecosystems and communities in the quest to make a few not-so-rich men even richer than they were when they were born. Fuck capitalism, we are humans and we should start to behave like a community instead of a commodity. Else, prepare to ride many more bumpy-covid highways, made in Global Gujjustan, neither Bharat or India.

If we want a sustainable economy that is not dictated by greedy folks who’ve happily sold us out to billionaire crooks setting the planet on fire for profit and planning their safe caves on moon, we’re going to have to learn to prioritize documenting, distributing, and publicizing the truth ourselves. This isn’t a fire and forget media environment anymore, if it ever was. This will require effort, organization, and above all, an emphasis on the critical thinking required to separate truth from propaganda in real time, or we’ll simply replicate the debased networks we’re all now seeking to escape.

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