Nations or states are not fighting, conflicting or disputing each other in reality - its organised cronies vs the scattered & sucked rest!

Srinagar: Militants attacked army`s brigade headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri town on Sunday morning, killing many unprepared soldiers. Police said militants attacked the headquarters of the 12 Brigade situated in Uri town of north Kashmir Baramulla district close to the Line of Control. "If the militants responsible for the attack have recently infiltrated into the Indian side of the LoC from Pakistan or have been part of an existing group here is being established", police added.

In times of hi-tech space surveillance; terror intentions, love & respect for fellow human lives are much more powerful than geographical or local tech knowledge.. when will viciously armed hegemonies raise above right-wing brand politics of bigot for bucks and fame? Terrorists Attack -> Innocents Die -> Leaders Condemn -> No Real Actions Taken -> Crony Culture Strengthens -> Everybody Silently Developing -> Terrorists Attack again... no-one will exactly break the golden eggs or root causes - hidden multi-polar plots producing terror chickens feeding the 1% war mongering international cronies wearing multiple masks, including that of arms dealers!

Natural or cooked up disputes cum fights amongst locals come as lucrative bonuses for traders of arms, currency, stocks, insurance, media items, minerals, banking fancy, goods and services. Make no mistake, nation states are not fighting, conflicting or disputing each other in reality - its organised cronies vs the scattered & sucked rest! So mind your representative leaders first, why you must blindly worship them despite them being just the fellow humans! But we do hear many stories, jingo, rhetorics and reasons except this. National pride is natural and geographical truth, but handsomely sold by leaders to keep engaged the slaves, wahhabis, jugaadu, yankees, jihadis, bhakts.. etc. Our birth-rights are marketed as given back to us by business cronies turned robin-hood sociopaths and religious psychopaths!

Throwing a bomb is bad, Dropping a bomb is good; Terror, no need to add, Depends on who's wearing the hood! There is no clear, coherent, globally acceptable definition of the concept of terrorism. UN says "any action constitutes terrorism if it is intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act". It cannot talk of individual humans due to the enormity of representing our 8 billion+ lot.

The Real Question #NudeCroniesOrNot is much greater than #BoycottPakOrNot!! Why shoot in dark for short-term marijuana escaping global weed of looting / fooling citizens? It will not be surprise to know the sultan general and desi neta cheering inside secret bunkers, why should India trust ChorBhakts for whatever?

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