Cow Populism? Create waves of rosy hyping + brand trolling for Pig bucks!

Real unbiased media is simply a reflection of truth & facts, which is vanishing rapidly. Truth shaped our universe until now, propaganda and alternative facts are replacing that steadily. Untruth if repeated, becomes truth over time - interesting tale from Panchatantra. If there is a wave, the social worker should swept in; if there isn’t, the self-declared emperors may be swept out of one house but "not public life". But who creates the wave for bucks spreading rosy rumors or unwanted tarnishing, the 1% intelligent opinion sellers, or rulers invincible cabinet?

Will these so-called media houses who drum for a party, a campaign, a candidate, a rosy ad or a policy take responsibility in case of failure of the same groups once elected to power? No, they will just take sides depending on who pays COW much, indirectly of course. After campaigns are over, the opposition smartness become their source for another round.. some of them are no more than white collar extortionists. But they are not PIG fools, they have privileged connections in India's elite jugaad system apart from many other fields, catching them red handed is not child's play. Most words they choose to describe events now-a-days have several meanings. But why not - privilege delivers benefits: institutionalized racketeering, wealth development and power that are catchy.

They are above bias, in theory and modern-gimmickry. They will provocatively ask "where is the proof", we need to ignore their restlessness and carefully review number of millionaires in their clan and their sources of income. They are as much part of the corrupt gangs and popular culture, trying to be rich in a perfectly normal Indian way. We are saying "paid media" not all media, underline this and see who gets provoked - fatty looters or its proxies, you bet.

The pony-club cocktail of paid media and glamorous currency-loving bollywood stars - belatedly trying hard to follow the West stock-loving propaganda artist empires as saviors of humanity, while crushing the real saviors, cultural movements, revolts and reformers with capital bribing mantra and poisonous propaganda. Take for example social media billionaires of west mating with desi bhakts everywhere, such soft-nazis are sponsored by few greedy leaders in G20 and its allies. We will never know who promoted such monsters to flourish using generic technology and become a public platform to spread vested interests, alternative truths and pave ways for passive looters even after a World War III - a sad reality thanks to destructive application of finer technological innovations!

India's great success mantras adopted since many centuries by Elite King, Mughal, British, now digitized breed of Populists: "Divide & rule" - Be the favorite commander in eyes of dictators - be the parodist nationalistic - just chant "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम" to dent-paint your greedy skin. If commoner real conscience, renaissance ideologies and native alternatives to capitalistic social culture wins, the successful mafia of #PropagandaArtists loses its audience, MLM revenues & #CyberPolitics iron-men influence, they must succeed if third world humanity has to delay its self-extinction!

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Great बसंत of Comedy Nights

Great बसंत of Comedy Nights with #Jugaadu: For #ChorBhakts wearing imported masks of twisted #nationalism, every counter-expression and revolt is anti-national which can possibly burst or question income & power sources of its stinking breed of goons and sponsors, #IndiaFirst is a camouflage, its merely #BrandFirst. Most mainstream elected netas will have to be jailed if students independent expressions are becoming seditious needing a #JNUCrackdown. What #paidmedia sensation using some videos and news adverts to fool students, voters and citizens - right focus on upcoming regional elections. Anti-cronies = anti-corruption = anti-national, what equation?

SisuMandirs, Madrasas,

The #ShishuMandir #Madrasa #Missionary: breeding grounds for indoctrinating young minds to become intolerent of counter-views, manufacturing armies of blind #MLM followers, goons, terrorists and bhakts - great cocktails for #elections, corruption and politics! Can the nation miss #rightwing agenda, #nationalism TRP, misplaced #sensation, astute questioning? Can just polls sweep away the filthy #populist bugs for India? #CyberPolitics

Arms "कारोबार of #bhaktoists"

Arms "कारोबार of #bhaktoists" is #विकास! So #Divide2Rule and throw few surgical #MOAB on weak activists & guinea pig the national security forces so the populist's can do some selfie chest thumping? The fire makers and JIT extinguishers belong to the same right-wing chorbhakt breed! #RIP #BharatKeVeer

@EmmanuelMacron victory in

"No, liberty is not made for us: we are too ignorant, too vain, too presumptuous, too cowardly, too vile, too corrupt, too attached to rest and to pleasure, too much slaves to fortune to ever know the true price of liberty. We boast of being free! To show how much we have become slaves, it is enough just to cast a glance on the capital and examine the morals of its inhabitants." France proves it is possible to fashion non-right response to crony-driven populism, jingoism and hyper nationalism.. if electoral systems itself are not tampered yet.. hope in a sense that entire world is yet lose its mind & surrender to the all powerful populist brands' #Divide2Rule agenda to crush legitimate uprisings.

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