Where will the next generation of computer scientists be - in the laps of BIG cronies?

Given that largely popular brands, groups and companies often use their size to engage in predatory colonial practices to eliminate competition, crush morality, corner truth with hype, suppress value systems, local cultures and vocal natives... using the large companies as examples is not just fair, it's REALITY. Take for example Microsoft. It's long history is replete with predatory examples, now you have Google, Fackebook, Populists, Godady, Apple, Samsung, Reliance, etc following that path in a more sober way (or maybe PRO cooked so it just sounds democratic, the future will uncover more...).

MS got big by clinging to IBM's name and introducing predatory practices, greed playing it's best. Competition had better products but brand recognition and PERCEPTION is what can move a company forward. Windows technicians, the ones with brains, have loathed the Registry since August 24, 1995... on top of other issues... If corporations are people too, and anti-competitive practices lead to competition dying out, what's the punishment for murder by such greediest and cronies who are buying out even historians and story-tellers?

Well, now they are donating also, great भक़्त saints. So on a brighter PRO note, this year, Gates joined Fakebook Suckerberg and other tech titans in a video by nonprofit Code.org to encourage interest among young people in programming. Demand for top tech talent also has prompted the industry to lobby US State Department to give out more H1-B visas to highly skilled foreign-born immigrants. In April, Suckerberg penned an op-ed in the Washington Post calling for revised immigration policies so that U.S. companies can better attract the most talented foreign-born computer scientists. What will happen to some fair corporations with low PRO is not the concern of either policy makers or profiteers, again greed at it's best - lure the talented, hallucinate them to make your own closed communities or mercenaries of profit, spread propaganda lies about competitors using paid media + hired mafia and become household brands utilizing looted resources.

Computer science is the third highest-paying bachelor degree, right behind computer engineering and chemical engineering. While the average starting salary for computer science college graduates is $64,400, industry insiders frequently cite higher figures. In large or competitive companies like Google or Facebook, starting salary for the cream of the crop college graduates is nearly $100,000, not counting bonuses or stock options. But make no mistake, these figure are ONLY for a very few in the creamy jugaadu layer and often who can follow the cronies in management w/o question, so it's obviously a PR hoopla created by the BIG corporations just like any other industry. Obviously those strictly following management vandalism tend to outperform their peers in all the measures like productivity, growth and return on capital.

Companies are also getting smarter about who they hire. Cream of the Crop is not necessarily the kid that just graduated at the top of his class or the guy who just finished up 8 years of college to get his Masters degree in comp-sci. It usually means the kid that spent most of their childhood and teen years strapped to a keyboard learning anything and everything he/she could about computers - and has been doing it ever since. You may very well know 30 different applications, 4 operating systems, and 10 different programming languages, but if you can't demonstrate the application of that knowledge by solving real world scenarios during an interview, the companies offering the six figure salaries are going to know. We got burned after the tech crash in the early 2000's with all the perfect resumes. We've learned since then.

But despite the financial appeal, there aren't enough computer programmers entering the U.S. workforce to fill the estimated 150,000 new computing jobs that will be produced every year for the next decade. This adds to anxiety among industry professionals and policy leaders that the U.S. could fall behind other countries in innovation if it doesn't foster education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Part of the problem is that the U.S. lacks enough computer science teachers, unlike it's developing counterparts.Today's graduates with a computer science degree are far more likely to go into the tech industry, where offers are more lucrative. Early exposure to computer science can lead students to develop an aptitude or liking for the subject, apply for opportunities like tech internships, and pursue it as a career path. But even as technology becomes an integral part of most people's lives, fewer socio-technical courses are being offered in high schools.

And yet knowledge of computer programming is becoming more critical in the workplace. Computer science is permeating every industry and every field, and its importance will only grow. Whether it's biology, finance, architecture, or a host of other disciplines, a basic computer literacy is critical. Students must also be encouraged to bite the hands that feed them, to prick hatching frauds, tech bubbles, revolt against cronies, expose management fads, viral lies and generally rough up the most feted managers and leaders for a better world.

हे भक़्त महाराज! Who'll hunt right-wing cronies in your own अच्छेदिन backyards with as much fun hunting in the so-called extreme left republic of jungles? If they are security threats and villains of larger society, your jingo cronies are the rightwinger jihadi wearing stealth chemical and biological weapons bombing on poor and humanity since time immemorial!

In a tampered democracy, smart corruption equals populism development hacking towards a fascist republic of digital aliens! A real revolution for change is a struggle to the death between the future and the past - #GyanKiBaat

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Apparently, owning 700 acres

Apparently, owning 700 acres of land in Hawaii isn't enough, Zuckerberg the champ of Facebook, has filed suit to force owners of several small parcels of land to sell to the highest bidder. The reason? These property owners are completely surrounded by his land holdings and therefore have lawful easement to cross his property in order to get to theirs. Many of these land owners have held their land for generations, but seemingly the king can not tolerate their presence so close to his private slice of paradise. Landowners such as these came to own their land when their ancestors were "given" the land as Hawaiian natives. If successful in his "quiet title" court action, he will finally have his private Hawaii beaches and tropical lands without having to deal with the pesky presence of neighbors who were on his land before he owned it, the new techie cronies universe. Who knew that Hawaiians were just another kind of Natives? Next destination will Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, South America and the set of livable planets anywhere!

As long branded promoters

As long branded promoters extract pure commissions (called profit for the family back home) by selling talent of desi-engineers and workers anywhere, its cool success, ignore lobbying and rest of the negative stuff.

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