Common man pay bills to refill public funds, so the privates have air to loot!

Governance tax bhogi gangs always gets re-activated before a voting machine diwas to celebrate our traditional sober "democratic coup". Thereafter slam hikes, show economics, silence activists, threat reformers... the last gang had saved a lot for future campaigns, now its time for new magic, ladies and gentlemen. Not impressed, have strong reasons for digging DNA roots of the global looting class - see Truths of Money, Currency, Globalisation, Corruption and Inflation and even more.. Anyway, the writing will be forced on wall, the common man must donate to railways fund, budget for loot and many similar formal pills prescribed by bhaktoist doctors, so the few special gangs can loot on air at right time! No bitter pills for real corrupt, they are being re-branded as cool alternative think-tanks, experts in scratching each others back, why unthinkable? If new governing group is bad, the old groups were popular evils and can even become worst than stealth terrorists, not ideal alternatives, NOTA.

Not in the Capital? Where are the black cats of black money, why not sending recovery cargo teams like you did to rescue few nurses in Iraq? Are these safe-heavens more dangerous than Iraq, PoK or Syria? Recovering the looted resources from scam-star terrorists or busy fixing commissions to linger until next voting season? Is it so difficult to spot the few thousand "quick-rich murugans" & their crony agents frequenting power corridors and paid-newsrooms? Why not seize and use the looted resources to fix the so-called losses and finance the grand development ambitions? Oh no, these issues are just wrecked for garnering emotional votes?

Is there any harm is assuming that Govt is waiting when all major looters have transferred their wealth from current overseas accounts to some other safe havens or maybe capsuled to outer space via ISRO or NASA for extended family usage? Lot of them may already shifted the bucks, now stamped with a swatch leadership mark. Who possibly have black money in safe accounts? A common mortal? Bet he/she will be enthusiastically picked same day from residence to a darkest jail overnight, not to recover but to fix commissions. The think-tank will call paid media conferences to declare success with fanfare, not in every case though.

Live with facts, the ones having black money are either in power or close to power politics, don't go with generic or hypnotizing statements coming from #Jugaad agents. Fortunately for them, and unlike the Islamic world, the common mortals in India cannot have coordinated force multiplier to take on these jerks in command, thanks to their potent tools which are injected via proxies at regular intervals to divide opinions and rule with pride.

Elite looters also need signals and strong supporters inside government drumming policy continuation formalities ... means securing cronies and its breed from extinction or dilution via PDA, UPA, BLA, USA, NDA... come whatever.. the dream is coming true, cheers! The first law of cronies equilibrium is "there must be a big cake for smart-speaking democracy investors if media highlight is needed, look for favour in strategically disguised public policy reforms, long-live cronies fraternity".

Laws, bold steps and gimmicks in the name of public welfare sounds farce when crores of people are without shelter & on streets, slums - tribals struggling for land rights since decades. Rulers & their cronies have built illegal constructions running into crores while shedding media tears in the name of public welfare. The educated, ruling elite, ministers, police, officials, elected members, etc.. knowing fully well about the laws proudly own illegal bungalows, commercial complexes, land... Encroached dried-up lakes, rivulets, rain flow paths, drainages, foot paths, civic amenity sites. In their building there are violations of fire safety, parking space, encroachment, conservancy line, drainages , etc.

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Worst because of govt

Worst because of govt employees mutated character top-down, not because its name is Air India. Bizarre but strategic PRs to defame and channel govt resources to private wing cronies using same public sector influence to float their own cozy empires via jugaad, fooling poor passengers with some development hype and better service quality. Getting sick of white collar industry criminals not getting right slaps for behavior bordering on criminal neglect, instead they are awarded and hired for capital bartering by our beloved political sociopaths. In any case, old governance tax bhogi tumies reunite before each election LootPat diwas? Welcome to "The Sarkari Cashcow der AcheDin" ...

"Only a large-scale popular

"Only a large-scale popular movement toward decentralization and self-help can arrest the present tendency toward statism ... A really efficient totalitarian empire would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, media editors and teachers." - Aldous Huxley - (1894-1963)

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