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As a web consultant, I plan, design, develop, host, promote and deliver user friendly, successful, accessible, clean and creative web solutions for social or business purposes.

Provide Internet Solutions with experience of working on both large and small web projects. Web Solutions and Services Delivered are: 1. Web Development and Security Audits, 2. Web Design, 3. Server Setup / Maintenance, 4. Web Hosting / VPS Server Consulting, 5. Mobile Applications - iPhone/Android, 6. Web Marketing Solutions, 7. CMS / Portal Development, 8. E-Commerce Sites, 9. Corporate Blogging / Social Media PR, 10. Content Writing and Online Press Services, 11. Managing PPC / Online Ad Campaigns, 12. Free services to non-profits, activists and social web, 13. Other related Internet services

Currently serving as Web Consultant with Solution Point - a small tech-savvy new media agency, taking-on web challenges from/of all sizes. Provides Internet Communication Solutions with many collective years experience of working on both large and small web development projects... Specialties: Web Marketing Consultancy, Digital Advertising, Community Portals, Web Applications, Real Estate Marketing, Support for NGO & Non-Profit, Drupal, Joomla, CiviCRM, CMS, Web Server Setup and Maintenance, Networking, Media Planning, Copy-writing, PR Editing, Ad Design, Business Website Design, Web Development, Managing Online Campaigns viz. PPC, SEM, Open Source, CRM, Internet Branding & On-line Promotional activities for all kinds of industries and organizations.

The tweets, messages and posts I share on world wide web, especially, are never unkind or vindictive by design - they are a reflection of change experiences - good and bad. Apologies if my writings are hurting anyone in anyway. I remain proud to be a part of change since many years and always open to comments or corrections. I am NOT doing this for profit or appreciation. For profit, I focus on activities mentioned in last para.

No more FekuBooks, SideKicks or Unsocial Media of Cronies. I will only post here - most content on popular feku media networks are deleted. Love to see some of you real people creating your own real paths. The Internet is a beautiful thing. As web developers, designers, users, netizens and enthusiasts, it's our responsibility to make the web better: more functional, more intuitive, more open, more neutral and even more beautiful.

Just a foolish comment: We are born, educated, exposed and positioned to further right human causes; not to fool, loot, suck for wealth, spread hater and shoot fellow humans. The corrupt insects & cronie worshipers not only are jealous and furious of the non-corrupt minority fighting them, they would love all be terminated. Then freely slow poison, sell dreams, bribe and enslave the remaining spectators of social-abuse (humans in rat-race) for a few more decades.


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